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How To Start A Website In 4 Easy Steps

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How To Start A Website In 4 Easy Steps


I can’t stress this point enough but you really do need to have your own professional website.

I’ll say it again! Get your own website!

Not only does it give people a place to go, to find all your music/tour dates/videos etc but it also takes your career to the next level.

As a music artist (Producer/Rapper/Singer) you are a business with a product, you are actually THE PRODUCT, so see it as such.

Write down ideas you have in mind for your website and start to vision them.

Make your website a place to enjoy, and a place where you can express yourself to your fans, followers, friends and family.

Let people find out who YOU are!


  • Step 1: WordPress.org

WordPress.org – This is the website/blogging software alone (No host). They allow you to download their software and install it on the web host of your choice. You can modify your themes code and add any plugin or theme you like.

Many popular businesses and brands run their websites using WordPress. I myself use WordPress for www.messybeatz.com

  • Step 2: Domain Name & Hosting

I suggest SiteGround for both your domain name and website hosting but there are many others you can choose, just do a simple search on google and you’ll see the thousands of results.

A domain name is the address people will type in their browser to visit your site.

For example www.messybeatz.com is my domain name.

Choose your domain name carefully and make sure it fits into what you’re doing.

  • Step 3: Setting Up Your Website/Blog

If you signed up for SiteGround then setting up your website/blog should now be simple.

SiteGround has created videos and tutorials on how to install WordPress. (I’m sure other companies provide the same support)

If you have problems during your set up process, you can contact their 24/7 customer support through their live chat support system.

  • Step 4: Customise Your Website/Blog

By now you should have everything set up and ready to go so its time to make things more personal to you.

Choose a good WordPress theme as first impressions mean a lot. Check out the links below to see which theme is best for you.

Theme Forest – This site offers thousands of premium themes.

WordPress.org Themes – Free WordPress themes.

Now that is all done here are the typical pages you will find on all websites. (Use these as ideas as you do not have to stick to this)

Homepage – This is the homepage of your site and will be what your visitors see first.

About Us (Optional) – This is where you will add your bio and any credible achievements you’ve had in your music career to current date.

Blog (Optional) – Post regular detailed updates about your music journey, new music you’ve released, previous or current tours, sample packs, videos, literally anything you want to share can be posted on your blog page.

I’ve put having a blog as optional because most just don’t want to blog but I highly recommend it and you will see great results in the long run.

Products or Services (Optional) – You can use this page to sell sample packs, drum kits, VST presets (if you have any), t-shirts, hats and anything in between.

Subscribe – This is where you will allow your fans to sign up for your mailing list. Check out MailChimp as an email marketing service.

Contact Us – Self-explanatory, allows your fans to get in touch with you.


That’s it, congratulations. You now have a website up and running. The rest is on you now to post great content and keep consistent with your updates.


If this is a bit too much to take in or time consuming then feel free to contact me to discuss my website design services.

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